Co-Managed IT Services

Customized IT Support and Management Resources to Augment Your Internal IT Staff





Managing a small IT Department is NOT easy.

We specialize in providing expert resources for small to mid-sized IT Departments to help achieve operational excellence and manage risk.

Our typical clients are organizations with between 100 and 1,000 computers with less than five IT department employees.

We provide the people, process, and technology to help small tech teams deploy, manage, and support critical business systems.

IT Guardian provides PROVEN solutions to todays most common IT Management challenges.

We are not a tech staffing firm,



Our Co-Managed IT services can provide turnkey solutions for the most common IT Management and Support challenges.

A lot has changed in the IT Management world over the last ten years. It is now a mature industry with established best practices and service delivery standards for all aspects of technology adoption. However, designing and building the infrastructure, systems, and processes to provide best-in-class IT Management and Support can be a real challenge.  Many small IT Departments struggle with this added workload due to limited funding, staff, and a general lack of resources.

The good news for your overworked IT team is that they do not need to reinvent the wheel.  We do NOT want to invent custom solutions when well-established standards and frameworks are readily available.

IT Guardian can deploy a fully functional IT Management platform, including service management oversight, network engineering and operations, network monitoring, ticketing and helpdesk, SOP & documentation systems.

Free up your management and valued technical staff and help jump-start your Technology Management systems.

IT Department Roles

Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO

IT Management

IT Management

Network Operations

Network Operations



Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Service Management

Service Management

Help Desk

Help Desk

Onsite Services

Onsite Services

We provide turnkey systems and best practices to help get your tech team up and running quickly!

How can we help?

Staff Development

Project Mgt

Best Practices

Standard Operating Procedures

Endpoint Mgt


Cloud Management

Business Continuity

Telecom Mgt

Infrastructure Mgt

Mobile Device Mgt

Security Audits

ITIL - ISO 20000


Cyber Insurance

Asset Lifecycle Mgt


Secure Remote Access

Vendor Management

Strategic Initiatives

M & A Due Diligence

Procurement & Deployment

Moves and Migrations

We can provide a complete IT Management Platform,

or add just the tools you need.

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Manage IT incidents, problems, and projects in the most efficient way possible. Deploy your IT team based on scope and severity, from incident triage to long-term problem management. Get the right people in the right place at the right time.

RMM System

Gain control of asset management, software deployment, patching, and remote helpdesk by delivering service via industry-standard tools and best practices. 

Alerting and Monitoring System

Create and sustain a proactive monitoring posture. Every minute counts. Designing proper monitoring strategies that leverage industry standards and solutions can be a force multiplier. 

Security & Vulnerability Monitoring

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and years of experience, we help you develop and deploy a comprehensive security plan that is centrally managed, monitored, and maintained by your IT staff.

Secure Documentation Portal

Good documentation is more than a list of assets. It is process, procedures, and workflow. Either via our tools or yours, we will help you get on track.

Change Monitoring System

The systematic approach to applying changes to your IT environment. Having the tools and experience to measure and apply new technology is a key pillar to long-term organizational success. 

IT Management Portal

Key Performance Indicators (KPI), service trends, and budgeting are all key pillars of good IT management. Whether it is an existing team, a contracted vendor, or a hybrid model, we can help you put those assets in the absolute best position to succeed.

Ongoing Coaching & Accountability

Weekly, monthly, and quarterly sessions ensure things stay on track and best practices remain in place.

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