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Aligning Technology with your Business Strategy.

Information Technology tools are stronger, more powerful and more capable than ever; but Small Business Owners and CEO's are finding it harder and harder to know where they stand with technology, and how to maintain a competitive edge in this rapidly changing technology landscape.

We don't promote technology for technology's sake, we focus on business problems and business strategies.  We work closely with your management team, and constantly evaluate and explore ways that technology can help your business succeed and grow.


We start by gauging where you stand with your existing technology, and how well it's serving your business needs.


Next we develop the road map, and manage the budget, vendors and internal resources, to ensure a clear path forward.


Along the way we continuously adjust and align the systems, resources and objectives, keeping it all in sync with your changing business environment.


With an effective way to measure progress, good management, and everyone aligned on your business goals, you are positioned to succeed and grow.

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IT Guardian offers a wide range of Management and Technical Consulting Services.  If you are looking for a partner that can help keep your projects on track and on budget, give us a call today!

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A Proven Process

We follow a proven proc
ess for assessing how your existing IT execution and management supports the overall competitiveness of the company, to achieve more market-share, better margins, and smoother operation. 

Sometimes it's hard to see the forest through the trees.  Not to mention the fact that the staff, management and vendors responsible for the current infrastructure and technology, may not be the best resources to identify it's weaknesses and plan it's replacement.

IT Guardian provides a trusted, objective, partner to help facilitate the process of evaluating and planning your technology strategy.  We help with all aspects of the process, including evaluating workflow, budget, management and staffing issues, risk assessments, and identifying vulnerabilities.

Our assessment provides an actionable prescription and road map, with realistic milestones and goals, not just an academic report telling you more about what you already know.

Business focused
Non-technical; management and business focused process made for CEOs and upper management

Complete view
Comprises questions for the Leadership, the internal IT champion and the managed service provider, or internal IT team.

Comprehensive process
Results are ready quickly, this is not a never ending process, we provide actionable results with realistic timetables.
Identifies Trends
Analyzes the trends of issues and key metrics to make sure your organization best leverages the ever-changing world of technology solutions.

Measure the UN-measurable
Gauges the ability of your IT operation to execute its top priorities.